In order to register at our surgery you must present with photographic ID, proof of address and complete a registration form. We will then arrange an appointment with one of our nurses. If you have been living outside the UK for longer than 3 months, it has been longer than 12 months since you have been registered with a GP within the UK or this will be your first GP registration within the UK please advise reception as you may need to provide additional documentation.

Our practice area covers a radius of approximately 10 miles from the health centre and we do not normally accept registrations outside this area. Patients living close to Newtownards and in Donaghadee should seek registration at a closer practice.

Prescriptions will not normally be issued until after your registration check. Some items may be issued for essential drugs in urgent cases. Most GP Surgeries will issue you with sufficient medication to allow time for registration with your new Surgery, you should ask your current GP to provide 4 weeks supply of your medication.

Our prescribing practice is based on evidence of effectiveness and guidance from the prescribing advisors of the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety NI. Doctors will review any patient on repeat medication and may make adjustments to bring prescribing in line with practice protocols. Patients will be kept informed of any alterations.

Please remember to give us your phone number and also to notify us if this is changed, this also applies to mobile numbers.